Our Mission

We are here to provide the best care to our patients! We will provide specific treatment for each patient because we believe every patient is unique. Along with treatment, we will educate patients in making better lifestyle choices so that the doctor and the patient are both active participants in allowing the body to heal itself! By eating right, exercising and a little help from us, your body's Innate Intelligence will work at its best to help you feel RejuvInnated!

What We Do

Dr. Andy and Dr. Victoria are both chiropractors that specialize in Applied Kinesiology. All that means is that they use an alternative way to find subluxations (misalignments). They find these subluxations through muscle testing allowing your body to tell them what it needs. The adjustments are your typical high velocity, low amplitude adjustments (Diversified) used by many chirorpactors to correct that subluxation. We also use other techniques that are more low force for the little ones, pregnant mommies, and people who are a little hesitant. We want to make it comfortable for you! Applied Kinesiology also combines acupuncture with our treatment so there will be some acupressure incorporated. We balance the whole body allowing your body to work optimally and heal itself!

Who We Treat

EVERYONE! Dr. Victoria specializes in pregnancy and pediatrics. While that is her specialty, there are many patients who come and see her because they prefer low force adjustments rather than the typical adjustments. Once patients have their babies or get about her size (which doesn't take much), they will transfer over to Dr. Andy for treatment unless they prefer the low force adjustments. Dr. Andy specializes in family wellness and athletes, balancing their body and activating weak muscles to allow them to perform their best. Our passion lies in providing a healthier community so we treat anyone who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle whether it be that you want to maintain wellness or that you've been to everyone else for help and have no answers, we are here for you!

What Your Body Can Heal

Just about anything! We are not going to list all the things we can treat because we do not treat anything. Our job is to find and correct subluxations to allow your body to heal itself. Your body is doing all the work! Just getting a little help from us to make sure it's functioning at 100%.

With that being said, here are some things we've seen improve in patients that we have treated by simply balancing the body (although the list is truly endless!)

back pain
frozen shoulder
carpal tunnel syndrome
pronator teres syndrome

rotator cuff injury
IT band syndrome
tennis elbow
golfer's elbow
plantar fasciitis

back pain
groin pain
breeched babies
postpartum healing
hormone balance

nursing difficulties
sleep issues
ear infections
sensory issues

IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
acid reflux
food sensitivities